So I heard that a lot of people were talking about how many Harley Quinns there were are New York Comic Con.  Someone on Snapchat was counting them, etc.  Well none of them REALLY did it.  But I did.

I said I was going to get #100Harleys this year at the con.  I got 158.  So everyone can just let that sink in.  No repeats.  And I didn’t get all of them.  Some were too lame, some were too far away and by the last day I was honestly really sick of it.  Maybe if Margot Robbie had shown up I would have taken a pic of her but other than that I was wiped out.  You will find out why when I post about the custom art I got (oh boy!)

But for now, you can see the Harleys.  I love how many different kinds there were.  Were a lot of them from Hot Topic?  Sure.  But people were still into it.  And some of the unique ones were killer.  I think if you do a legit costume and it is spot on OR you do something super unique with the character you get extra points.

But if all you do is phone it is, throw on the Daddy’s Lil Monster shirt and draw “Rotten” on your cheek in eyeliner you are still in the game.  And you should be happy and proud of yourself.  Cosplay is about playing.  And if you decided to be low key, then good on you.

So feast on Harleys, and see if you can figure out which three were my favorite.  Hint, you are already looking at one of them!