As a whole, 2008 was a pretty good year for me musically. I got to go to Pitchfork Music Festival which, as I mentioned before, is a hipster mecca; I saw some amazing acts locally and I heard some fantastic albums. It was also a year of change for my musical tastes. I started to really get into electronic music, which was something I had previously only dabbled in.  Hardcore and Metal started to move onto the back-burner and were replaced by Folk-Punk as my angry music of choice, and my focus shifted from the quirky fun of twee pop to expressive and powerful musical prowess of post rock and math rock. Here is my list of top records, which may or may not represent the statements above.

Top 5 Records of 2008:

5 Girl Talk- Feed the Animals
4 Lil’ Wayne- The Carter III
3 Frank Turner- Love, Ire and Song
2 Fleet Foxes- S/T
The Dodos- Visiter

Top 5 Singles of 2008:

5 Architecture in Helsinki- Like it or Not
4 Gym Class Heroes- Cookie Jar
3 Frank Tuner- Long Live the Queen
2 Lil’ Wayne ft Bobby Valentino and Kidd Kidd- Mrs Officer
1 The Dodos- Red and Purple

Top 5 groups or artists I discovered in 08 that I feel silly for waiting this long to find and love:

5 The Pipettes
4 Lil Wayne
3 Elf Power
2 Blueprint
1 Frank Turner