It’s time for the Halloween Costume Contest!  And this year we are trying to get sponsors so the prize will be bigger. The costume contest prize is now worth $200 with $100 in cash! How do you play?  Download This Banner and print it.  Then take a pic of yourself holding the picture and wearing your costume.  Then email the picture to either acadia@ or vange@ superficialgallery dot com.  We’ll have a vote the week of Nov1 (a cheat proof vote!)  And if you don’t win the contest, you can still get some loot.  Find out how after the jump!  Updated with More ways to win!

Okay, so we don’t want to blow the whole wad on the winning costume.  So we are going to do a random draw for a second prize.  And you will be able to get more entries into the contest by doing…things.  Like, entering a costume gives you 50 entries into the drawing.  And here is the list of ways you can get entries!  You need to post in here letting us know how many things you did.  And we are up to $100 cash in that drawing!

This Year’s Sponsors!

Check these folks out.  Remember, they’ll be setting up ways you can get more entries in the random draw, so check out their sites and see what they come up with!  And other site owners, if you want in – just contact us!  The more the merrier.  And you’ll get a link in our side bar until next spring!