Superficial Gallery 2015

This is what I am talking about. This picture really sums up what we here at the Gallery try to bring you.

Ahhh, 2005. We had troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pope John Paul II died which gave us Pope Emporer Palpatine who gave way to Super Pope, Hurricane Katrina wiped out New Orleans and I lived in Florida.  My house and car got wrecked in Hurricane Wilma that same year but honestly I lived in Boca and even I didn’t care very much when I looked at what happened in the Super Dome.  And, most importantly, it was still in the days  when putting your personal information on the Internet was a BAD thing, not an expected thing.

One night that year I had nothing to do, so I decided to make a site featuring the beautifully narcissistic freaks at‘s forum, of which I was a member.  That turned into articles and forum recaps. And from there it became this massive pile of awesome.  I realize that’s a big jump in the narrative, but in reality it took a long time to get there because we are slow and apparently had to make sure we never made any money.  We used to code the whole thing by hand in Dreamweaver which took all night Friday nights (which is where Gallery Friday came from).  I will dig some of it out and show you as part of the extravaganza this year.  And please note, even thought the forum is gone, is still in business and makes tons of money, but I am not bitter at all, no I am not.

We got picked up by Google for a while for a bunch of stuff and got thousands of people a day.  In fact, we got thousands of people a day up until last year, when someone uncorked things (stupid Google), which means that the only corner of the Internet that we still control is Celebrity Tongues.  And we control the crap out of that.  Of course it is still tied to the monstrous gallery app (Coppermine) we started using way back when.  Coppermine was created by nasty Germans who yell at you all day and whose avatars smoke cigarettes and every time I have asked them for help, I get terrified, so I have suffered its crappiness all this time.

We have had about a million different writers and two major brand changes.  We had 200k celeb pics and now have less than that.  We got kicked out of Google Ads twice, overwhelmed three hosts who kicked us off, and somehow got branded as NSFW even though we totally aren’t.

But we never quit.  And we never died.  And now we are going to rise from the ashes to regain our spot as one of the most popular sites hosted on our own private server.  How?  Well, we will talk about that later.  For now, just throw out some requests down below.  If you are reading this, then you are the reason we are even doing it.  So tell us what you like.  Even if it makes us all uncomfortable.