Since I realized that I didn’t buy the domain for the gallery until 2006 (before that it was on freewebs) that makes 2016 the actual 10th anniversary.  So all the stuff we did last year doesn’t even count. And the stuff we said we were going to do but didn’t is all a product of us figuring out the date discrepancy and deciding to just hold off until the real 10th was here.  And look, we already started releasing things!  Here is the special logo!

I plan on paying a lot more attention to a few things on the site this year.  Mainly because I feel like this year is shaping up to be pretty monumental.  Here’s why:

Presidential Madness!

2016As the Iowa caucuses near, I think it’s a nice time to star making fun of the process in earnest.  Donald Trump, Martin O’Malley, Ben Ghazi.  All these colorful characters are vying for the one job in America where you are concurrently powerless to do anything and also responsible for everything that happens.

But it isn’t like the office is insignificant. The President is important. The one we have now worked with the Congress to change the way our health care works.  The previous one worked with Congress to change Medicare and start two wars.  The one before that worked with Congress to balance the federal budget.  Notice a pattern?

You are supposed to NEED Congress.  The fact that we seem to pretend as a country that it is just on the President shows how stupid we are.  Well, not ME.  I know what’s up.

At any rate, I plan on having a lot more political yapping on here.  So if you or anyone you know is both conservative and funny, let me know. You would be the first one, and it would be great to have someone who is wrong all the time with a different opinion on here.

Oh, and I promise not to go for the cheap jokes.  Mostly.  Actually, that’s probably the first campaign promise I will break.


Movies!  Movies!  Movies!movies

There are quite a few movies coming out this year that I want to see, and not surprisingly the most important is Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  I am such a mark for DC that their full court press over the coming few years has me super excited.  But since there are other things coming out, I think I will put up a list of the top movies that Hollywood says are coming and let you know which ones you should bother to see.

And so you know how legit I am as a film critic, my favorite movie of all time is Raising Arizona.  It’s pretty much Nicolas Cage’s best role and is probably the greatest of the Coen brothers’ 17 movies about kidnappings gone wrong.

I did see the new Star Wars so I don’t need to add my crap to the giant pile that already exists about it. Let’s just say that my neighbor ruined it by saying something that ended up being true even though the only Star Wars movie he had ever seen in his life was Episode I.  Any anyway that is so 2015.  We are looking ahead now, to a year full of Marvel vs. DC fanboys fighting about movie dollars that ARE NOT BEING SEPARATED!

Seriously, how come everyone endlessly bitches about the economy but movies can extract a billion dollars from the gen pop in 12 days and it doesn’t seem to count?  What if all those people chipped in to, I dunno, pay off everyone’s student loans?  Wait, what a great idea.  A movie studio that says it will donate a huge chunk of ticket sales to pay off student loans.  I bet people with student loans would go see those movies even if they sucked.  Damn, I’m a genius.


Apparently websites way more popular than this one take up an amazing amount of time reposting other people’s Instagram pics.  So I see no reason why we shouldn’t copy them. In fact, other than Charlotte McKinney I don’t even know who to follow.  So if anyone has some ideas, let me know.  Or if anyone wants to just be in charge of the Instagram division, that would work, too.

Chloe Grace Moretz

No, you’re a pervert.



I usually don’t have anything going on weekends when I am in NYC so I am aiming to go to some conventions.  There seems to be at least one each weekend, and not just ones about cooking or rugs or UFO’s.  Actually the UFO one sounds neat.  Anyway my boredom is going to create content so huzzah!

Members Only

Now that the members area works – there will be more podcasts and stuff just for them.  We will probably do a gen pop podcast as well, but since it requires talking and thinking at the same time, we might just keep it exclusive for now.  We will see.  Oh, and they will be getting some even cooler stuff, too.  JUST YOU WATCH!

In conclusion – more of everything, and better.