Sexy George Washington is the entrant I thought was the “most memorable.”

So it has been a couple years since we have done the costume contest but it is time for it to come back.  And since the one thing that the contest has taught us is that people are so lazy it makes my soul hurt, it is going to be SO EASY this year!

  • Take a picture of yourself with the image below – print it or have it on your phone or whatever.
  • Email the pic to superficialgallery at gmail dot com by Sunday, November 4th.
  • Send people to this post so they can vote for you (eventually – give us a chance ffs!)

Whoever gets the most fan votes will win a $25.00 Amazon gift card.

Whoever wins the STAFF voting will win a 3 month subscription to HORRORPACK!

So let’s go, folks.  This has always been one of the two most fun things we do every year and I am looking forward to showing the new staff how great you all are!  *low key menaces*