Did you know it is possible for a woman to orgasm through kissing? This might explain how a woman in China partially lost her hearing after a passionate kiss (The kiss pulled her eardrum out of place making that couple legendary in my opinion). All this Trivial Pursuit is an introduction to the news that the French have finally gotten around to deciding what to call the French Kiss.

Tommys and Doughboys brought the French Kiss back with them from World War One. The idea of a little tongue got the Roaring Twenties all Jazzed up. Meanwhile the French were stuck with the far more awkward baiser avec la langue while the Académie française dithered about issues like “software” and “e-mail” (only “logiciel” and “courrielshould pass pure French lips.) Fed up with the delays of the Forty Immortals the Petit Robert dictionary recently added “galocher, making the popular single word slang semi-official. (According to my French dictionary Galoche are clogs. Licking the shoe only makes sense in France) Zut alors!

I have to wonder, after watching the very lengthy public galocher of the first gay couple married in France, what other things the French are doing that still require official words. Mon tabarnac jva te décalisser la yeule, calice l’académie!

We don’t know the official French word for actually licking a shoe but we’re sure it’s against the law in Georgia