Lollapalloza, Seinfeld, Winona Ryder, Bill Clinton – what didn’t the 90′s have?  The heyday of generation X brought prosperity to everyone thanks to the invention of the Internet, and gross smelling Patchouli oil to baja-wearing hippies.  Never before was a decade defined by such extremes.  The “we are women hear us roar” power of the assorted chicks from Lilith fair, the painful, angst-ridden genius of Nirvana combined with a shit-ton of boy bands, some of the best rap ever written and Will Smith’s “Getting Jiggy With It” made sure everyone had something.

Every Friday we give you something from that glorious decade.  The list is below and it’s just going to keep growing.  I’m not even close to tired.  X-Files Forever!  Or click the Friday ’90s Category and watch ‘em all!