Vange is BLUE (from Conan sadness):

You got screwed.  I’ve loved you for years.  You will be fine.  I love that you played Surrender by Cheap Trick during the “look back on the last seven months” montage.  And omg NEIL YOUNG IS THE MUSICAL GUEST!

Acadia is in Red!  Poor millionaire.  We should have a telethon for him.  He got screwed sooo bad.

I realize he will be fine to the tune of $30 million and he will get something else and blah blah.  I have an opinion about the reasons people (okay, maybe just me?) are riveted by this debacle.  It is the petty, office political maneuvering crap we all deal with every day writ large, dramatic, public and flashy.

What maneuver?  Everyone on the Internet hates Leno.  Who cares?  The people who like Leno don’t know there’s a fucking Internet.  Whoever decided putting Leno on at 10 is the dude who should get fired.

This drama has a very clear protagonist, a faceless villain (NBC) and a giant chinned one as well.  Add in the peanut gallery of Dave and Jimmy and it’s our lives and our struggles.  I know my workplace has the gossiping bystanders.  I loved when Dave said, “I don’t have a dog in this fight.”  He also said something in response to being called chicken-hearted and gutless for taking potshots at NBC and, essentially, he said, “I’m doing it because it’s FUN.”  Also, Steve Carrell conducting the exit interview was pretty good stuff.  To respond to you, Acadia, I can’t be convinced that Leno wasn’t pulling crap.

You can’t even do the same color twice in a row, drunk.  And any ‘crap’ that Leno pulled has a name.  It’s called: winning.  That’s why people don’t like Leno.  He beat Letterman for the gig.  Then he beat Letterman for 18 goddamn years.  Then he destroyed NBC at 10pm and as a punishment they gave him his old job back.  LOL.  He’s my hero!

Acadia, you’re an ass and you’re just being a dbag for the sake of dbagginess.  I knew Tom Hanks had been his first guest but I didn’t realize he was the one who dubbed him Coco.  That’s awesome.  Also, Neil Young!?!?!  YAY

You know what would be incredible?  If NBC saw what this DEBACLE has done for Conan’s ratings and REVERSED the whole thing and fired Leno for the third time.  ahahahaha

A commercial break taught me about TMobile’s new phone.  Eric Clapton and Buddy FUCKING Guy are hawking a fender guitar phone.  I was already debating moving to TMobile but now I’m pretty decided.  MINE.

Neil Young, just him and a harmonica and acoustic guitar how apropos:

Although these changes have come
With your chrome heart shining in the sun
Long may you run

Well this has deteriorated wonderfully.

Conan’s goodbye speech was gracious, heartfelt, earnest and lovely. “If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen.”  Is it any wonder I love him so?  Cut to Will Ferrell singing Free Bird and Conan playing bass?!?!  I’m a bit fucked up but wow.  I will wait for you in the 7-11 parking lot, darlin Coco.

Didn’t that work out well.

Leno told us to not blame Conan.  And  I will expand that to include you not blaming me.  This must all be your fault.