Summer vacation.  For once, Acadia was taking it easy and there didn’t seem to be an assassin lurking in the bushes or hanging from the roof or hiding in his shoe.  Peace and quiet.  That’s why he came to Hawaii every year and that’s what he’s getting.

Acadia always spent his time on Kauai, specifically at a condo at Summit Pacific that he “owned” courtesy of a Serbian horse thief he had put away in 2007.  The temperature was perfect, the ocean looked amazing and he had plenty of drinks.  He got up from the deck and walked into the kitchen to refill his coconut cup with booze.  Instinctually, he checked the microwave for a bomb.  There wasn’t one.  He vaguely wondered what would happen if you put a coconut in a microwave.  And even though the way his life typically went this would be foreshadowing of someone getting killed by an exploding coconut in this instance it was just a random observation.

After refilling his drink he flipped on the TV (he had checked when he came in that it wasn’t a bomb).  He assumed, since it was Hawaii, that every channel would have a Magnum P.I. marathon on.  Strangely, this was not the case.  But he was going to relax no matter what so he flipped on “Hotel Impossible” and watched the little bald dude try to rescue a failing resort from bankruptcy. Exciting?  No.  Relaxing?  Oh yeah.

As he drifted off to sleep in front of the TV he made a mental note to get a coconut at the store tomorrow and microwave it.  And nothing bad happened to him and he didn’t kill anyone.  Acadia was on vacation and Kauai was the one place where he wasn’t a secret agent.  He was just relaxed.