You ever do something for a long time and realize towards the end of it that you’ve made a huge mistake, but yet you can’t stop with the path you are on?

That is me right now. Weeks ago I started putting up recap posts for Celebrity Apprentice on this site. Tonight, the show just ended and with the last few weeks, it’s been just a string of why am I following this and why am I writing about it. Right now, I’m just playing out the string.

Because there is not a whole lot to say about the Trump decision in the finale. He made the wrong one. That much seems obvious.

The whole thing just doesn’t even seem real. Which is probably the worst part about Joan winning. She did nothing throughout the course of the show except make a few jokes and be obnoxious. Yet, there she was in the end.

Then, tonight, the whole thing with how she kept yelling that Annie was lying about the decorator? Is Joan just delusional or what?

The most hilarious part about it is that Joan kept mentioning how she wanted to bring honor to it and was far and away the biggest piece of shit on the show in terms of class, dignity and honor.

Which, to her credit, won her the show.

I mean, Annie kept being called a snake, but in the end, Annie quietly defended herself. Meanwhile, Joan just got louder and louder. And, that won her the game.

See, Trump is susceptible to a lot of things. When faced with the choice of reasoned analysis or passionate defense, he’s always going to go with passionate defense. Even if what that person is yelling is completely garbage, like was the case with Joan Rivers, he just doesn’t want to think it all through.

And, there’s your Celeb Apprentice, Joan Rivers. Is there like a generation out there that finds her funny? I mean, when I was a kid, it’s not like she was someone that was a big time comic, right? I mean, it seems like she’s basically what Kathy Griffin would be if Griffin does this for another 30 years. Which, is certainly not a compliment.

Terrible pick.