I was given a free membership to the video creation service Animoto and I tried it out today.  It kicks a**.  The basic deal with the things is that you upload the stuff you want to have in the video (images, vid clips), then add music and some text and then it “videobobulates” it all into a real video.  Here is how the company explains it.

For only $5 per month, Animoto (www.animoto.com) enables consumers to easily create videos using their photos and/or video clips – resulting in TV-quality videos complete with music that’s super-easy and fun to create.

Besides offering a hipper style selection than competitors here is another key differentiator: The heart of Animoto is its Cinematic Artificial Intelligence™ technology that thinks like an actual director and editor, using the same sophisticated post-production skills and techniques that are used in television and film.

There are stock photos, videos, backgrounds and even music to choose from if you have no imagination or personal media so you can kind of invent your own family memories using stuff that’s all stock.

The whole thing took me maybe 10 minutes.  Now, admittedly, I’m a super genius but it will be easy for you, too.  And sending it to YouTube or Facebook was a one click process.  Give it a try!  And then check out the Halloween Contest!