Together with our sometime collaborator and always podcast fan James Olchak, we introduce a new series for 2018 – I will let him explain:

This is a real movie poster for a movie called “Let’s Scare Jessica To Death” which actually exists.


Jenn Martinelli is a scaredy cat.

Not about real-life stuff. Not about relationships or bear attacks or train derailments or navigating a fascistic world of gibberish. Nor is she scared of supernatural stuff like ghosts or draculas or bigfoots or Chicago humanoids.


Jenn Martinelli is scared of horror movies. She can read spooky stuff or delve into the gory details of serial murders for the podcast she does with her masked sidekick, Acadia Einstein (Strangeful Things), but she finds spooky movies too spooky. So, in 2018, we’re either gonna conquer this fear once and for all, or scare Jenn to death

Each month, Jenn will watch another horror movie, carefully curated by me (a big fat know-it-all) chosen with the goal of getting an interesting reaction from her! And we will see how she does! Will she get nightmares? Will she find subtext to relate to her day-to-day life? Will she develop an unconquerable craving for human carnage?! …Moreso than she already has?

Find out, this year, as we SCARE JENN TO DEATH!

– J. O.

Stay tuned to find out what our first movie of 2018 is!

(Notice that Acadia is the sidekick. Not me.)