I spent $400.00 on an e-book explaining how to make your website profitable but I decided not to follow their advice and instead I did extensive audience analysis.  I came up with the chart above.  It might not be completely scientific but the colors match the rest of the site and I think I have the numbers close enough.  And after figuring all this out we decided to figure out how to extend our tiny little middle part so we can spread our particular kind of joy to more people.

Unfortunately, since the odds of us getting any funnier are very slim and I would not know the first thing about teaching people to read I decided that the only option is to make more people know we exists.  So while I go on a big advertising binge it won’t to do have all the new people coming reading crappy posts (like this one).  And since I can’t force the other writers to do everything for me (which would be a good move on my part) I am going to ask you, the loyal audience, if there is anything you particularly want to read or see or whatever.

No butt stuff.

It makes sense that we do all we can to please you because if the big advertising thing works (people still use the Yellow Pages, right?) then you will all get swarmed with new people.  So it is best that you establish your dominance now.

And in case I didn’t mention it before, you can suggest anything you want except porn and butt stuff.

Seriously no butt stuff.