We all know that The Dark Knight is not going to win Best Picture. It may win some technical awards – just none of the biggies. There will be too many movies where some asshole learns something about himself to let a good movie like Batman take the big prize. But it is still going to be smack-dab in the middle of the Oscar hoopla. And all because of the late Heath Ledger. Here is my reasoning behind Heath Ledger getting nominated for Best Supporting Actor:

  1. He’s dead and nobody wants him to be.  Do not discount this factor.  It is very important.
  2. He didn’t win one for Brokeback Mountain.  I am sure all the voters thought, “He is young; he will be nominated again.”  But now, because of number 1, he won’t.  So unless he is like the movie version of 2-Pac, there won’t be any more Heath Ledger movies.  If they want to nominate him, this is their chance.
  3. It is actually gonna be good.  See, they finally figured out how to make Super Hero movies.  Put in actors that girls like to watch.  And make sure those actors can actually act.  And when those actors don’t ham it up (I’m looking at you, Jack Nicholson) you get a movie that doesn’t suck.
  4. Last year’s Oscars were too depressing.  They need some popular movies mixed in this year so people don’t tune out.  Think about how many people watched when they thought Johnny Depp would win!
  5. If he is nominated, I will watch the Oscars.  Using the science of demography, I figure if the Academy knows they can win me over (and winning me over is BIG since I am a super rich international playboy he-man) by nominating Heath (which does not rhyme with Death, though is looks like it should) then they will surely put him on the list.

And if you want further proof – check out the new trailer here.  It is bad ass. And I truly do hope he wins. That will well and truly wash Jack Nicholson as the Joker out of my mouth. It won’t wash Jack Nicholson as the guy who paid me to give him a hummer out of my mouth – but $17.00 will!  Score!