Adios.  Au Revoir.  Auf wiedersehen.  Good night.

Adios. Au Revoir. Auf wiedersehen. Good night.

So this past Friday was the finale of Battlestar Galactica.  I spent the whole night worrying that some fool on Twitter was gonna wreck it for me.  But then I watched it and while I get the fact that they hit pretty much everything they needed to hit and wrapped it up pretty nicely, I do still have some questions.  Also, if you haven’t figured out by now that this article may contain spoilers, you deserve to get it spoiled.

And why am I publishing this on Tuesday?  Because I wanted to be able to digest the thing properly and also to avoid the whole spoiler thing.  So here are my questions. Someone answer them!

  • If Starbuck was an “angel”, then how come she died on that other planet in a Viper?  And why wasn’t she with Baltar and Six at the end?
  • If she was not an angel – wtf was she?
  • How come in the beginning of the show, Six and Baltar didn’t die when the nuclear blast blew up his house?
  • How come everyone knew that Adama was not coming back when he flew off with the President in the raptor?
  • We know the cylons were now mortal, and we also know that they were”‘made” at different ages.  But do we know if they actually age?  They are machines.  The only one that grew was the kid and she was half human.  So might they still be alive?
  • If it all happened before, then how did the final five make themselves forget that they were the final five and then live for 2000 years and whatever and then…inject themselves into these other people’s timelines?
  • If the Centurions were the ones that figured out how to make Cylons look human, then why weren’t they the bosses to begin with?
  • If you were a race of machines who had to depend on the Resurrection hub to survive, and you also had a colony on the edge of a black hole that was practically impossible to get to and heavily defended, would you not put the Resurrection hub there?
  • How come the old style Cylons were only in the colony?
  • If they can make ships out of metal that can withstand huge cannon barrages (like the base ships and Galactica) why did they make the Centurions out of a metal that was not even bullet proof?
  • 150,000 years after fully evolved humans landed on earth and started reproducing, they still had not gotten past newspapers?  No hover bikes?  They just had regular cars?
  • If the ships ran on tilium and they left at least one Raptor on earth then, even if all the other shit rusted away, would we not have tilium on our frigging element chart?
  • Who do you think the first Galactica person to bang a caveman was?
  • Why did people think that Six was hotter than Boomer?  She wasn’t.  And she never will be.