Well, I am sure that unless you care about Cuba (and I don’t since I already saw Godfather II) the biggest news on 12/17/2014 was the announcement that Tim Burton is going to do a sequel to Beetlejuice and both Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder will be in it.  And as a card carrying Gen X-er I have a raging boner for the entire project.  I saw the original 14 times when it came out.  And I am not exaggerating.  I know for a fact I saw it that many times because I was on Hilton Head island with my friend.  He was rich and I was not but his parents let me come to his condo for a week.

There was a movie theater and it was showing Beetlejuice and it rained most of the week and we saw it twice a day.  Truth.  we were there nine days and we saw it twice a day every day that wasn’t travel.  So I am an expert.  And that’s why I am going to bring you up to speed on the principle players in the original movie and what the odds are of getting them back.

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