James Bond movies are known for a lot of things, but one thing every Bond aficionado knows about is the correlation between 007 and roulette. Bond has had some luck on the roulette wheel, frequently beating astronomical odds.

If you are a casino aficionado and fancy a try at a game of roulette, you have no doubt seen James Bond interact with villains and showgirls in casinos. In one of his most famous scenes, in Diamonds are Forever, he holds a villain over a roulette table to negotiate with him. This scene is memorable to any Bond aficionado and has created a love of roulette for many!

What is the James Bond Betting System?

Some even model their roulette plan after an unofficial James Bond Betting System. If you are looking to play online roulette in the same manner as James Bond, you should know that Bond uses a flat betting method, meaning that he places the same bets each time he spins the wheel.

Some betters like to vary their bets. They might bet a low dollar amount on a certain number one round and completely mix up the dollar amount, the number, or color on the next hand. It seems as if they are randomizing their betting. This is not how James Bond works.

With Bond’s flat betting method, you can spread your money across different numbers on the board, but you would do it the same way each time you bet. There is no doubling your bet to chase a big win or reallocating the money to different places on the wheel. This method was successful for James Bond, so maybe it can be successful for you as well.

Think of his betting method like playing the same lottery numbers night after night. While you might not win the first night, playing over and over again at least makes you feel like you are adding some consistency to an otherwise randomized game. Bond is doing the same. He is choosing to be stable and consistent and hope that even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Bond Popularized Roulette

James Bond popularized many things like a dirty martini and roulette. In fact, he started playing at the casino in the very first James Bond movie back in 1968. Whether it was roulette or card games, James Bond has spent quite a bit of time at the casino fighting off villains and chasing women, making casinos seem luxurious in the eyes of many men who would love to be James Bond in real life.

There are a lot of Bond girls and Bond villains, but Bond is arguably most well-known for when he holds a villain over a roulette table in Diamonds are Forever. In this film, during the beginning of the movie, Bond is already taking charge of a villain, as he interrogates him while holding him over a roulette wheel. In perhaps a bit of foreshadowing of Bond’s own love of roulette and casinos, this image is remembered by many and adds to the illusion of power that Bond carries with him wherever he goes.

While the villain at the roulette table might not be the most popular or well-known James Bond villain, he is one of the most remembered because of the iconic roulette scene in the introduction piece of the movie.

Other Bond Villains

The best James Bond villains have appeared in more than one movie, making them worthy adversaries for a hardened spy like James Bond. Any time a protagonist has a hard time catching the bad guy the audience is more intrigued and gets more invested in additional installments in the movie franchise.

Take a look at some of the biggest and baddest villains from the James Bond movie franchise:

  • Le Chiffre: he was the chief antagonist in Casino Royale. Ultimately Bond gets the best of him by beating him at a casino game, leading him to lose all of his money. In a back and forth, Le Chiffre kidnaps Bond’s latest love interest to hold her as ransom in return for money. Le Chiffre is eventually killed. Le Chiffre is one of the most memorable Bond villains, known for his love of casinos and for being one of the most intimidating Bond villains.
  • Rosa Klebb: an undercover agent, she made a good villain because she was a woman who hid a knife in her boots. This made her a very unsuspecting villain and she could get away with a lot.
  • No: no list of Bond villains would be complete without the original. Dr. No was the film that started it all for Bond. Considered the original Bond villain, Dr. No set the stage for all the antagonists to come after him.
  • Jaws: he is one of those villains that did make it through multiple movies in the franchise. He is memorable because of his scary persona with his steel teeth looking like Hannibal Lecter long before Hannibal Lecter existed.
  • Raoul Silva: anytime a movie franchise lasts as long as the James Bond franchise, the movies that give some personality and history to the character are important. In Skyfall, viewers are taken back to Bond’s childhood home, and Silva provided a strong villain as he had a personal vendetta against Bond that brought interesting character development to the table.

No matter the villain, James Bond seems to defeat them all and get the girl at the end too! There’s a reason all the women want to be with James Bond and all men want to be him – he’s great at his job and has a ton of fun! The scenes in the movies that are casinos are some of the most memorable James Bond scenes since he gets to win big, get the girl, and defeat the bad guy, which is the holy trifecta for James Bond!