Who hasn’t fantasized about terrorizing their sibling? I know I have.

Edited to add: Sangfroid already wrote about this which makes me, apparently, the worst person on earth, so go read his post too. Isn’t it nice that Acadia has two such awesome, clever people helping him, who have such similar excellent interests? Hmmmm. That’s not his opinion because he’s an ingrate.

My problem when I think I want to play pranks on people is that I’m completely terrible at them. If I’m in person I can’t control my face and it’s a dead giveaway. You can tell I’m lying immediately. And even if it’s by email or something like that I immediately feel so guilty that they believe whatever it is that I can only wait like 5 seconds before I have to say “just kidding!” I’m no good at it, at all.

There are a lot of things I love about this video. First of all, the only reason they can pull this off is that she’s so high. They are not very good at acting serious and almost crack up several times. Second, I love that they ask her either about super important decisions or completely ridiculous ones. (“Should we meet Dad in Mexico?” and “Which cake should we bring, funfetti or chocolate?”)

I adore that she tells them not to go to Costco because it will be “a bloodbath” in there and that she’s so mad they’re putting garden tools in the car because “we’ve got guns!”

If you had a relative or friend in this state is there an awesome prank you would want to play on them? Of note: I felt like a prank was played on me the morning after the presidential election of 2000, because I went to bed thinking Gore won and woke up to find out Florida was a s#%$astrophe. Something like that would be a great prank, but please don’t do this to me.