GIF Girls in BikinisSince technology has advanced past traditional skin mags into the cesspool we call the internet, I figured we’d move past bikini pictures and bring you animated clips of bikinis in action.  Of course there’s plenty of Kate Upton sprinkled in there (I read somewhere she’s the most giffed woman on the internet), but I tried to include lots of non-professional bikini wearers as well.  There’s even a hula hooper, which I think is going to score me big points with the boss.  He loves hula hoops!  It’s a known fact.  Or maybe I just made that up?  I can’t tell anymore!   Anyhow, I think he’s going to like it.  Technology is crazy.  Join us next week when we bring you Bikini Sunday – Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Edition.  Ok, that one I made up.  Or did I?  Only time will tell.  Hey, if Honey Boo Boo gets presented in Smell-O-Vision  why can’t we?  Enjoy the gif(t)s and stay tuned!

Bikini GIF girls
Yellow Bikini GIF Hot
Beach Babe Bikini GIF
Bikini GIF 2
Bikini GIF 1
Bikini GIF babe
Kate Upton GIF Baywatch
Bikini GIF boobs
Beach Babe GIF 1
Bikini GIF