Sexy Girls Awesome Coffee Sign

One of the benefits of living in the Pacific Northwest is that there’s an abundance of drive-thru espresso stands.  Even better is the growing trend of staffing these stands with bikini-clad baristas.  Not only can you get a delicious espresso beverage without leaving the comfort of your car, you can have it served to you by a voluptuous young lady in a thong.   Everybody’s happy and everybody wins, right?  Oh of course not.  You don’t just get nearly naked women serving you coffee without a bunch of controversy.  So people were upset.  One stand stopped their practice of having the barista sign the cups with “xoxo” after a phone call from a very angry wife.  Another stand had the baristas start wearing a more traditional outfit and began advertising themselves as “family friendly”.  Their baristas were back in bikinis a month later.  Sex sells.  The bikini stands are as popular as ever because of  despite recent allegations that the girls were serving up “more than espresso” if you know what I mean.  Seems unsanitary if true.  So what do you think?  Would you get your morning coffee from a bikini barista?  Would you tip extra?  Should other businesses try having employees wear bikinis?  Weigh in below!