I have no idea who Lily Aldridge is.  The site I got these pictures from say she’s a Victoria’s Secret Model which used to be a big deal when there was no Internet.  Sports Illustrated was a big deal before the Internet, too.  There were giant engines of business devoted to trying to find the hottest girls in the world and exploiting them. Now, I’m not saying the Internet doesn’t exploit women (stupid Wikipedia) but I AM saying that there doesn’t seem to need to be such a focus on finding hot chicks to put in Magazines to sell underwear.

If you spend a few minutes doing images searches for things like “crowd at beach” or “hot chick at Wendy’s” or “thing on my back” you will find girls as hot or hotter than Lily Aldridge just standing around in the background.  I mean come on.  How can a bunch of jerks led by Tyra Banks find the hottest girls in the world to be models?  They can’t!  But the Internet can.  That said, this girl is a HUGE step up from last week.  Nice pick, Joelle.

Oh, and also I’m trying out this star rating thing for the pictures so try it out and see what happens.  Am I posting something that is totally untested and expecting you to tell me if it works?  Yes I am.  Deal with it.