This is Fernanda Uesler.  She is a model and she is the ONLY person who could have been in this post.  Why?  Because she is in a Batman bikini and after a long hiatus Bikini Sunday is back!  I am not sure if Princess Peach will return to work on it, but even if she doesn’t, we are going to get back to some of the things that people had come to depend on.

And the Batman thing is significant because Batman v. Superman comes out this week and I am going to get off the Internet until after I see it.  You might think this is early, but my brother is seeing it tomorrow night, which means there will be gen pop doofuses out for blood who want to spoil things.  And, I have heard, that there are characters and things in this movie that NOBODY had any idea would be included and that is the sort of thing I want to find out on my own.

I stayed off the web when Star Wars came out and sure as hell, the minute I got back from seeing it and sure as hell someone had ruined it on Google Plus.  So eff you all.  I have been waiting my whole life for this movie and I want to see it with the wonder and excitement it deserves.  Unless I go to the theater tomorrow night and beat up some nerd and take his ticket.  Then all bets are off.  Also, let’s hear it for Fernanda Uesler!  Then, check out new footage from Batman v. Superman which is the LAST thing I am going to look at or listen to until after I get out of the theater!