If having two hip-hop icons for parents didn’t already set Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter apart from every other child in the world, the child’s name has certainly made sure of it. Blue Ivy Carter, the new addition to the Carter family, has created some serious controversy over the significance of her name. While some are more optimistic and believe to be just another crazy Hollywood name, others don’t believe it is as innocent as that.

Some claim that Ivy is for IV, the Roman numeral for the number four, which is extremely important to the couple. The couple was married on April 4th and four is also Beyonce’s lucky number. But others believe that there is a more sinister meaning of Blue Ivy. This fire has been fueled by beliefs that Jay-Z is part of the Illuminati. While the Illuminati became more well known after the book and movie The Da Vinci Code, the modern day Illuminati group is a worldwide organization that plots to control world affairs through government and other entities in order to establish a New World Order. According to reports, Ivy refers to ‘Illuminati’s Very Youngest’, while Blue refers to ‘Born Living Under Evil’, which people believe actually makes Blue Ivy Lucifer’s daughter. However, just as everyone has their own opinion on LED TV reviews and politics, everyone has their own take on the meaning behind Blue Ivy.

But a controversial name isn’t the only thing that has sparked interest and comment from mainstream media. Photos of the birthing room have hit the internet and are truly awe-inspiring, looking more like a five star hotel than a hospital room. The room was decorated with 4 flat screen TVs, all the best electronics, a bed for the father-to-be or other family members, and even a little kitchenette! If Blue Ivy came into the world surrounded by such luxury, one can only imagine what life has in store for her.

Write ups like LED TV reviews cover everything from the good to the bad, just like reporters are doing about Blue Ivy. While there is certainly a tidal wave of negative attention being directed at the proud parents for their choice of name, no one can say that the child isn’t loved. Presents have been pouring in from some of the biggest names in show business, including Sean Combs, Kanye West and Oprah Winfrey. But strangers aren’t the only ones to shower the 7 lb. bundle of joy with gifts. Her father spent $20,000 on a crib. Although one would expect it to be made out of gold for that price, it is actually made out of cedar and birch.

Though the child is just a week or so old, she is expected to already begin contributing to the family’s income in the very near future. Sources believe that when Blue Ivy is finally captured on camera, her picture will bring a fairly large profit to the family. It is amazing that a baby that is just a week old is able to make more money than most people will make in their lifetime. Fans and critics alike can rest assured knowing that this won’t be the last time Blue Ivy is the center of media attention.

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