My buddy Ram (rhymes with calm) makes this stuff called Serrano Cocktail Spice.  What is it?  Well, I call it ketchup for beer but apparently that is not a good explanation.  But since this is my site I am sticking with it.  You add a few drops of it into whatever you are drinking and it makes it better.

Now I am a complete lunkhead when it comes to alcohol.  If you split people into two groups:  People who “go for drinks” and people who “go drinking” I am firmly in camp two.  I don’t drink craft anything and I don’t have any nicknames for trendy beers.  I drink Budweiser and Chivas (not at the same time).

Which is why this product matters.  Last time I saw Ram (he is fancy and from California so I don’t see him as much as I’d like) he had me try some.  I tried the beer he gave me first without the stuff and then with it and the spice really made it tasty. Just a little spicy but not enough to be annoying.  And if my dead palette (I think chicken fingers are awesome) livens up when I have the stuff, just think what yours will do!

He is running an indiegogo campaign at SPICEMYBEER.COM because him starting his business is different than when I do it.  I just glue a plastic seagull onto a stick and call it a souvenir. He has to obey laws and whatnot so he needs some help.  So I am trying to get the word out.


The prize for the raffle is a brand new, in box Breathometer.  It’s a device that you plug into your cell phone (iphone or samsung 4, look it up if you want) and combined with a free app turns your phone into a breathalyzer. Imagine being in the bar and getting attractive people of the sex you prefer to blow into your phone.  Seriously.  And I suppose the whole making sure you aren’t too drunk to drive thing is handy, too.  But look at the blowing!  So go to SPICEMYBEER.COM and give if you can.  Share if you can’t.  And usually I am pretty lax with the whole contest thing but this time:

If I don’t get at least 20 entrants the whole thing is null and void.  So come on!  He has worked hard and if you donate you will get some of the stuff.  And honestly it is cocktail spice.  One bottle will last as long as your Worcestershire sauce.  It’s a bargain!

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