has learned that the Packers will employ former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer for one month as a consultant.

Fleischer, who was President George W. Bush’s official spokesperson for a majority of his first term in office, is now president of Ari Fleischer Sports Communications, a joint venture with IMG.

Ari Fleischer, brought in to spin, baby, spin held his first press briefing today in Green Bay tonight to address the media about the Brett Favre dramedy. The transcript of the briefing is below.

MR. FLEISCHER: Good evening. Let me update you on the Packers’ day and then I will open it up to questions. One, nothing happened. Two, ESPN and NFL Network covered the heck out of nothing. They covered it with a vigor that will likely win an Emmy.

Q: That’s all that happened today? Wasn’t Brett Favre seen leaning out the driver’s side window of his Escalade?

MR. FLEISCHER:Yes, that happens to be a red Escalade. He spoke with three gentlemen who work for the Packers organization in the Security department. I can not at this time go into detail about what was said in that conversation. Brett laughed a bit and shook some hands. I can say that much. There may have been talk about pounding Budweiser and wives. May.

Q: Would you say the Packers were not ready to handle this situation?

MR. FLEISCHER:Of course not. The Packers worked on intelligence gathered during the Administrations preparations for battl…the football season. The Packers took information that Brett was retired and acted upon it. That’s why we are where we are. They relied on information possibly accurate at the time.

Q: First, the Packers said Favre could compete for the QB job with Aaron Rodgers, now there is talk of finding a trade. Potentially to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or maybe a divisional rival. What can explain the shift in position of the Packers front office with this situation?

MR. FLEISCHER:Shift? I don’t think you can say that there has been a shift at all in what has been put forward by this Administration. There may have been some vacillating involved, but never has there been a shift in policy regarding Mr. Favre and his presence with this Organization. It is an unfair criticism of all of those involved to say that there has been a shift. This process is one of transition. To what works best for Brett Favre and what works best for the Green Bay Packers. A transposing of the position may have occurred, but definitely there has not been a shift.

Q: Brian Baldinger did a report on one of the networks this morning and said the phrase, “to a man” twice. Baldinger reported that players stated “to a man” that they are behind Rodgers as quarterback. To a woman, what would these players state?

MR. FLEISCHER: I don’t know, hey babe, what is this: a quarterback controversy or a modeling assignment?

Q: What are the possibilities of the Packers trading Favre to the division rival Chicago Bears, who are always in need of a quarterback?

MR. FLEISCHER: What are the chances Devin Hester does NOT run a kick back for a touchdown and dance in some ‘fly’ manner?

Q: Do you feel that Favre would accept a backup role? Holding the clipboard, watching Rodgers?

MR. FLEISCHER: You’re stuck in the July time table and debate. It is so far beyond that debate. That’s like saying we never should have gone into Germany ’cause, after all it was just the Japanese who attacked at Pearl Harbor.

Q: How?

MR. FLEISCHER:I recycled that line from an MSNBC interview about Iraq. Your question annoyed me. Do you see Brett Favre on the practice field? No. We’re getting rid of the guy. It’s a matter of HOW. Get with the program or find the door.

Q: How do the Packers expect fans to react when Favre is no longer a Packer after his expressing a desire to play football again for the Packers?

MR. FLEISCHER:This administration welcomes peaceful protests. It is a time honored tradition. We hope that people will understand that the Packers have done what is necessary to protect their interests. Sometimes it is difficult to come to that reality in the trying times in which we live. But know that this Administration is willing to make tough calls as long as they believe with at least a 50-50 shot that those calls might someday be correct.

Q: How will the Packers react when Brett Favre has success leading another team to a 12-4 campaign and a playoff win while Aaron Rodgers gets the Packers to 8-8?

MR. FLEISCHER: That’s a scenario that we do not want to go through at this time. There are many different factors and outcomes to how a football season will play out. I think the burden is on those people who think he [Favre] will have success with a new team to tell the world how he will do so.

MR. FLEISCHER: Thank you. The Packers and Aaron Rodgers look forward to putting forth a spectacular 2008 Season. The team has brought in Karl Rove to work on the advertising campaign, so we all look forward to that.