brett_favreNot yet, anyway.

At least, that is what he said yesterday. No clue what he is going to say today. But the bottom line is, who believes this dude? The idea that he is done stringing this out to get that attention just seems silly. Favre could wake up tomorrow and hop a flight to Minnesota and say that he is back and ready to roll. Then, the next day find himself back in Mississippi with ESPN cameras all over the place.

Dude loves the coverage and loves playing these games.

The Vikings, as well, will be sitting and waiting and at any point Favre wants to come back they are okay with casting Tavaris Jackson to the side.

I’m just shocked Favre doesn’t have a Twitter where folks can see him agonize over this decision. I would imagine that is just because of a contract with ESPN that they get the exclusives on these announcements.