Some of you may have heard of Battlestar Galactica (or BSG for those people who hate to say names of shows that have so many syllables).  And even if you have never watched it, you may have noted that it is critically acclaimed and probably brougbsg_cover-300x236ht to the screen the complex issues of the 00’s better than anything else.

But there are only four episodes left.  Four!  So rather than stick all their shit in some closet, they are auctioning it off.  And I mean everything.  Whole ships you can get in (I assume so you can do it in a spaceship).  Costumes and uniforms (so you can do it dressed up like someone from a TV show) and even pens, pads of paper, and signs (so you can write down how  seldom you do it).

I am not sure if this is for charity or what, but who cares.  Every show should do this.  I would so buy Padma Lakshmi from Top Chef.  I mean her shirt.  Nope, I mean her.  I guess that won’t happen.  But you can still check out all the stuff you can’t afford below.

Download the Catalog as a PDF (so worth it).

Check out the auction site (it’s pretty confusing).