Tired of people calling Charlotte McKinney the next Kate Upton.  Kate Upton wishes she could be the old Charlotte McKinney.  Charlotte seems way more fun than Kate and no way will I ever download that stupid war game on my phone that Upton is trying to get me to get.

Charlotte doesn’t seem to be trying to sell anything.  I mean, how hard is it to sell a cheeseburger during the Super Bowl?  And having never opened an issue of Vanity Fair, I don’t know if she is trying to sell bathing suits, swimming pools or that railing/wall thingy in the banner pic.  And I don’t care.  I am a guy therefore anything a female model models will not fit me.  So basically she is a pretty young woman who doesn’t have a swelled head who is going to make hay while the sun shines.  If Burt Reynolds still made Cannonball Run movies she would be in one.  Damn, what a good idea.  Someone needs to make Cannonball Run movies now.  George Clooney?

Anyway – here are some pics and a video from her Instagram.  And before you say I am doing a Charlotte McKinney post every week….whatever.  I am trying to get her to pose for the logo off the site.  Sheesh.

June’s issue of @vanityfair by @miguelreveriego @giannandrea1 @ozzysalvatierra #LauraJacobs head to for full video

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