Charlotte McKinney is sort of hit or miss on Halloween but this year she hit it out of the park and into the parking lot.

Here are the steps to take if you 2anr want to have a great costume like Charlotte.

  1. Be Charlotte McKinney or have the same confidence level as Charlotte McKinney. Or I guess the equivalent attractiveness and no confidence? I dunno. Maybe skip step 1.
  2. Think about the 90s and how that decade is the sweet spot for Gen X and Millennials. Fuck the Boomers. They need to colonize the bottom of the ocean.
  3. Pick a sexy icon from the decade. Brad Pitt from Se7en. Morgan Freeman from Se7en. Gweneth Paltrow’s head from Se7en. Anyone from any Mike Myers movie. And do a good enough job so that people know who you are.
  4. Splash your picture everywhere.

Charlotte did it by picking Roller Girl from Boogie Nights. I mean Heather Graham is still as hot or hotter than Charlotte and the Character was amazing so it was a good choice. Not sure she could have pulled it off if she was Marge from Fargo, but maybe.

Anyway, that’s how you do it. And I haven’t made a Charlotte post in ages and I don’t want her to think I forgot about her. Now get out there and win!