Cosplay 10 of 31 Days of Halloween!! Wonder Woman Cosplay!! Okay so let me be real…I went the cheap…I’m a streamer, you can’t see that much, route. If you are actually going to wear this cosplay out and not just stream where your pants always pajamas…it’s gonna be a lot more expensive. But here’s what I did.

Part One: Being a cheap ass

Alright so I picked up a Wonder Woman Accessory Pack from Amazon for $15, this includes the arm band, bracers, wrist wraps, and headband. The wig was $12 and the same one I used for Lara Croft. I wore a red tank top because I angle my camera in a way where you can’t see my chest (sorry internet) so it didn’t super matter.

Total Cost: $27

Part Two: The No-Makeup Makeup Look

Use your natural shade of foundation and concealer and beat yo face. Add some bronzing and contouring to create shape. You’ll do the same thing for the eye with neutral shades to just gently shape the eyes. To match the wig I used a brown brow pencil and defined them. Brown liquid liner was applied to the top lash line. The bottom lash line I just smudged with a light brown shadow. Used some mascara and popped some falsies on! I bronzed and highlighted my arms, neck, and chest to give myself the appearance of someone who opens curtains.

This is a great cosplay, the new Wonder Woman is so badass. But If you plan to actually buy the costume add around $50-$75 bucks!!

Hope you’re enjoying the leaves falling!! …. X0x0 Beta

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