We love quizzes.  And we love America.  In fact, the other night we were all talking about how we would so do America.  And we wouldn’t ask America to do anything gross or weird.  At least at first.  So what better way to combine two things we love than a quiz about America?

This Civics Quiz is designed to make you feel stupid about yourself and I hope when you take it you look over your shoulder in a worried manner.  If someone is behind you when you do crappy then you should get kicked out of the country.  That’s right.  Shipped right off to Canada or Mexico or Russia.

Or you could look at it like: Whatever!  America has given me the right to be an uninformed dick.  And what’s more, I can PRETEND I know all sorts of shit when really I don’t.  So take the quiz and post your score below.  And if you lie, think about how lame it is that you lied on an Internet Civics Quiz to people you will never meet in real life.  By the way, I scored a 512% out of 100.