NO!  We are NOT Competent.  Help us PLEASE!

NO! We are NOT Competent. Help us PLEASE!

Anyone out there know how to write code and queries and shit like that?  If so, click contact up above there.  I don’t wanna go to elance because I am afraid of strangers.  So.  Umm.  When you contact me, say, ” Hi, Acadia!”  That way I won’t get spooked.

Anyway – if you don’t know who Johnathan Coulton is, I don’t blame you.  But a guy from my work sent me this song years ago and I realized that I need a gorilla who can do what the guy in the song can.  Except no hanging around at the front desk.  Get back to work!

Also, one time I worked at this place and the girl at the desk had really big cans.  And I needed her to mail something for me so I IM’d her and said,  “Hey, I know you are really busty but can you get something out for me?”

Bad bad choice of words capped off with an unfortunate typo.  So now watch the video, because I managed to make this post about like, seven things and also nothing.  Mission accomplished.