See how I said SG up there in the title instead of ‘The Gallery’ or ‘Superficial Gallery’?  That’s because since we have that logo up there that we made a long time ago that is getting positive feedback from some people and we need to have an easy to say nickname for the site.  The name is just too damn long.  So you can say SG for short when you bring it up at dinner parties and when you get interviewed on national TV shows.  Well, wait.  Say the whole name, but then say SG – that way people don’t type in which is probably something dumb.

Before I get to the stuff coming up this week, I just saw a commercial and the request they made was really easy.  All they asked was when I think of liver sausage, think of Neese’s Liver Sausage.  How hard could that be, considering I didn’t even know that liver sausage existed until I saw the commercial.  But now that our unofficial sponsor plug is out of the way – here’s what’s coming up this week!

Evangeline will be putting up some Bai Ling pics and (hopefully) a poll to go with it.  I think everyone has been missing banana and having it back will be a plus.  She and Joelle have been busting ass getting us to a pretty sweet milestone in one department and an all new section is being relaunched that is gonna give you way more to look at.  Stay tuned.

Maitland will be putting out quality as usual (I hope he watched Big Brother!) and I know for a fact he’s going to be giving us something about this weekend’s UFC fights. and Ian is not only doing some links but is also working on a preview of his trip to ComiCon in San Diego.  He’s our official correspondent you know!

Jennifer Hudock (I know you don’t know who that is) is going to be contributing as well – but I am not revealing anything yet.  It’s a surprise.

Acadia (me) – Umm, I just did this.  And I also watched Warehouse 13 and may have something to say about it.  And, uh, something about boobs again.  So yeah.  I don’t have to tell you guys what I am doing.  It ruins the spontaneity.  You wouldn’t want that would you?  Didn’t think so.

And don’t forget.  When you think liver sausage, thing Neese’s.  Like Reese’s but liver sausage instead of candy.