Hard to believe another week has passed already.  OK, so that’s a total lie.  I completely expected it.  But despite that, we did have a whole week of shit happen that the crack reporting staff here at the Gallery did not deem newsworthy.  So here is a quick recap.

  • There was another snow storm on the East Coast.  Conservatives claimed it meant there was no global warming.  Libs said that was not true and are now trying to change the name of the whole to “Climate Change”.  This is as typical as things can get.  Conservatives make up some shit and yell it at libs.  Libs then roll up like a wet napkin made out of woven pussies and lose all their credibility.  The Democrats need someone on their side who is actually going to raise their voice.  All they have now is Barney Frank, and when he yells I keep expecting him to throw confetti like Rip Taylor.
  • The Olympics kicked off by killing a Luger from Georgia.  That completely sucks.  One would think that those dumb Canadians would have gotten the idea to put padding on the solid metal poles they have around the Luge track before someone ran into one and died.  Then again, perhaps the track was designed by Toyota.
  • The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue came out this week.  Everyone who doesn’t know what the Internet is promptly whacked off and Sports Illustrated employees each had to throw another $20.00 into the “holy shit how long can we keep doing this?” jar.
  • I drove from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Charlotte, North Carolina.  The drive was not more interesting than any other time.  There wasn’t even good traffic in Daytona.  I wanted to see some stringy haired biker chicks riding behind fat dudes who wear T-Shirts that say on the back: “If you can read this the bitch fell off.”  The bitch didn’t fall off.  🙁
  • I got a few people telling me how much they like Shawnee Smith (the girl in the banner pic).  Stay away from her.  She’s not for you.
  • We also found out that the site isn’t sending any emails.  So if you have been filling out the contact form – we aren’t getting it.  Sigh

OK – after the jump you can see the best comment of the week  and the post it came from.  I was disappointed that nobody nominated anyone.  Then I remembered that you are apathetic a-holes, though.  So we’re cool.

The Winner!  For the Post: Your Super Bowl Alternative

wow kelsey grammer has really let himself go