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The Gallery supports your right to assemble, and your right to stand in line, and your right to dress up, and your right to meet celebs that you have always wanted to meet and get a pic with them and find out how nice they are.  There are tons of conventions: Comic Book, Horror, Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Fantasy, you name it.  And they all have one thing in common: people who dig something getting together to have a good time.

The Gallery staff (and our podcast Strangeful Things) make it to as many as we can, but there is no way we can hit them all.  And that’s where you come in.  We want to know what you think of the cons you go to!  Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the form below with your thoughts and pics.
  2. Approved reviews go on the site and every month one approved review from that month will win the author an Amazon gift card by random drawing!
  3. If you need a con added to the list, contact us!

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Mad Monster Party and the Wheel of King

Mad Monster Party and the Wheel of King

We are finally done with The Stand and this week we get to talk about the convention we just went to: Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC!  We had a great time and actually sold stuff so go us!  And we also introduced a new feature for ourselves; The Wheel of King!  I...

The Pros of an Online Con at Dragon Con 2020

The Pros of an Online Con at Dragon Con 2020

Dragon Con is one of those magical things that's hard to explain to people when they haven't experienced it.  A five day event in the heart of Atlanta celebrating all things fandom, this may truly be the largest fancentric event in the U.S. Other conventions like San...

Rhode Island Comic-Con Review

Rhode Island Comic-Con Review

For the smallest state, RICC was a massive convention. From the hall itself to the guest list, there was no shortage of a little something for everybody. Every flavor of nerddom was represented in some fashion. From handcrafted to corporate creations, Spider man to...

More bad PR for Spooky Empire

More bad PR for Spooky Empire

After the complete nightmare caused by the absence of promised Funko dolls at the opening day of Spooky Empire in Orlando, is it possible convention management could make things any worse? Turns out, they apparently can.

An Open Letter to Jason Blum

An Open Letter to Jason Blum

“We’re always trying to do that,” Blum said. “We’re not trying to do it because of recent events. We’ve always been trying. There are not a lot of female directors period, and even less who are inclined to do horror. I’m a massive admirer of Jennifer Kent. I’ve...

Women in Horror Spotlight – Christy Meaux

Women in Horror Spotlight – Christy Meaux

Hey y’all, it’s Jackie Torrance! Since the rest of the SG crew is at WIHFF right now and Acadia won’t just let me sit around and do nothing, here I am to tell you about a new friend of the Gallery that was discovered at WIHFF! Christy Meaux is a Louisiana based artist...

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  • Danielle Harkins
    When you send your kids to school, you have a reasonable expectation that they will not be brainwashed into believing that they have demons inside them that have to be let out. Unless Danielle Harkins is their teacher, then you totally should NOT have that expectation because it is gonna happen!
  • The Grim Sleeper
    This week we cover Lonnie David Franklin, Jr. He's a piece of crap who was given the name "The Grim Sleeper" which is way too cool of a name for this guy. Hey preyed on women in Los Angeles for decades and he was able to go so long without capture because nobody was really […]
  • The Flatwoods Monster
    Some people think aliens that try to probe you are scary. But to me, the Flatwoods monster is the kind of thing that would terrify me. I don't need to be watching some big tall goon coming at me, splooging all over the place and spreading out all sorts of stinky gas. This cryptid /alien […]
  • Nub City
    Don't get mad that you never thought of cutting off your own finger for some quick cash.  Don't be jealous of people who realized that blowing off their own limbs with shotguns and whatnot could be lucrative. This week we humbly offer you Nub City, where a bunch of yahpos from Florida actually thought their […]
  • Barbara Daly Baekeland
    Come with us back to the glamorous forties where we meet the beautiful Barbara Daly who marries a rich dude, has a kid and boy does that not turn out great. Bad motivations?  Yep.  Bad decisions? Oh, you betcha.  Bad outcome?  Well. just listen and find out.  Spoiler: the outcome is bad, too.
  • Franklin Delano Floyd - Part 2
    The winding story of a first class monster comes to a close this week as we learn how Franklin Delano Floyd takes grooming to a level that is hard to comprehend. This story seemed like a weird mystery so start but it really turned into a big barrel of gross. Come with us across the […]
  • Franklin Delano Floyd - Part 1
    You wouldn't think someone named after a US President would be a weirdo, but this guy sure is.  And a gross one at that.  Settle in and listen to the sad beginnings of a messed up dude who was not super good at crime but still managed to do a lot of damage. Franklin Delano […]
  • Hoia Baciu Forest
    Sometimes referred to as the "Bermuda Triangle" of Romania, the Hoia Baciu forest in Transylvania has more than its share of weird stories surrounding it. It's spooky for sure, but it's not spooky enough to have people start calling the Bermuda Triangle the "Hoia Baciu Forest of the Ocean". Join Acadia and Shooey as the […]
  • The Franklin Coverup Part Three (Bohemian Grove)
    This is the last of our only ever four part series (and third of just the Franklin Coverup) and it took a little bit out of us.  The story is so gross that it gave two of the Fell Companions the 'rona! But that is all behind us now.  We don't have to listen to […]
  • The Franklin Coverup Part Two
    This story is just too horrible to fill just one episode, so here we go with part two of the lurid tale of child sex rings, corruption, and a justice system that (maybe) doesn't work right. Oh, and I guess we should mention that some of the Grackles have Covid so we will be back […]

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