OK! Now we have the submissions for the contest and it is time to start voting.  Technically it starts at midnight and we can still take submissions until then but whatever.

You can only vote once per category.  The prizes are here.

As usual, some people forgot the sign.  They will get a boobie prize.  Something from the rest of the prizes I think.

And remember that Goldie Fatale will be giving out her own prize using her own criteria.

Oh and so will Bianca Barnett.

And Summer Daniels, who donated one of her sexy books for the “Sexiest” costume prize is also going to pick who SHE thinks is sexiest and give them a book as well.  Our cups runneth over!

The voting thing is in a popup since that was the only way I could make it work.  So turn off your pop up blocker for two seconds.  Sheesh.

See the pics and vote after the jump!

If the popup doesn’t pop click this maybe. <– Seriously.  Click the word “maybe”