I know that the only sound you hear on this site is the occasional lady saying you won an Iphone (sorry about that – but it is so true! You did!). But we have seriously been considering getting a theme song. Just something that you should hum to yourself while you browse the site. So, in order to figure out what the theme song should be – we have decided to give you some examples. We can’t use these, as they are the theme songs for other websites, but at least you will get an idea.

  • Sh-Boom – you may remember this song from never having heard it in your life. But it means a lot to one particular piece of one particular website. So that means we can’t use it for ours.
  • Popcorn – this song is good for any forum – but it has a special place in my heart for one forum in particular. If anyone from there ever reads this site – then they will know how much we love them.
  • So Lonely – This is not a very good theme song for a website. It applies to the site of a friend of mine. You have never heard of it because nobody ever goes there. It’s a shame, too. Because it’s quite good. You’d think I would link to it, but there you go…

So – we need suggestions. The best one will become the official theme song of the site and the winner will win…umm…something awesome! Honest!

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