It’s fall, which means TV is good again. Here’s a sampling of what to watch (or record) tonight.

House FOX 8:00

A strange medical illness is suddenly cured at the last moment by a brilliant doctor and his team of masochistic sidekicks.

90210 CW 8:00

Naomi tries to reunite her parents; Annie gets an audition; Nobody eats a sandwich; Viewers remain bored; Tori Spelling wins again.

Greek ABCFAMILY 9:00

It’s embarrassing to admit that anything on ABCFamily is good, but this show is definitely a guilty pleasure. Little known fact: Casey is played by Kelsey Grammar’s daughter. This week the Enginerds party gets out of hand and the ZBZs go to their annual sorority convention.

The Mentalist CBS 9:00

It’s no Psych (it’s totally Psych) but it’s still worth watching. Detective Patrick Jane attempts an undercover investigation into the puzzling murder of a waitress.

Fringe FOX 9:00

This show needs to pick it up or it’s going to lose us. At least bring back the cow.

Gavin and Stacey BBCAmerica 9:30

Gavin and Stacey tie the knot (already!); Nessa fesses up regarding the bun and her oven. Will Gavin’s mum fess up about meat?

The IT Crowd IFC 10:00

No matter what the description is, I guarantee hilarity ensues.

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