I got a little artsy this week with my Josh pic.

Woot!! I can barely contain my happiness. My prayers have been answered. How, you ask? Well, I’m about to tell you so please try and contain your excitement until I’m finished. I hate being interrupted.

This week’s Destination Truth post not only comes with my usual weekly commentary, but news, as well. Some of it is REALLY good. Some not so much.

Since I’m obsessed with Destination Truth, I, of course, follow the fanrun Josh Gates Facebook page, which is where I got the following tidbits of information.

Over the last couple of days, Amanda, one of the fans that runs the JG FB page, has been posting some DT updates. First, as in previous years, Josh will be hosting the live Halloween episode of Ghost Hunters. This year, the TAPS crew will be investigating Buffalo Central Terminal. I can’t wait! Josh ALWAYS makes the episodes more entertaining. I honestly don’t think I could sit through the entire investigation if he wasn’t a part of it.

The next piece of news is that Mike, the sound guy with dark hair, will NOT be returning for the second half of season four. BOO! Haven’t we dealt with enough cast changes? Seriously, it’s getting old. Stick with the tried and true. After all, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Geez, even my momma taught me that.

But in other cast news, we, the fans, can expect the return of fan favorite Ryder. WOOHOO! Yep, the comedic duo will once again team up.

Last but not least, Josh just wrapped up a manuscript he’s been working on. I don’t know what it’s about, but I’m sure, knowing him, it’ll be great.

Now that I’m done updating you on DT/JG news, onto last week’s investigations.

To kick off episode four, Josh and crew traveled to the Chuuk Islands in Micronesia to conduct an underwater investigation of downed Japanese warships from WWII. Let me tell you, this investigation, while rusty in technique, definitely offered up some tantalizing evidence, along with actual human remains that have rested in their watery graves since the boats sank.

The second half of episode four was spent scouring the Kappa-Buchi River for the Ninja Turtleesque creature known as the Kappa. Though the DT crew did not find Michelangelo, Raphael or any of the other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they did end up with a soaking wet Josh Gates who daringly jumped into the river in order to rig up a rope line to safely and securely transfer his equipment across the water. Unfortunately, his shirt remained on.

As a special bonus this week, I’ve included a video of the funniest moments from this season of Destination Truth. Acadia’s favorite laugh out loud scene is at the very end, so watch it or he will haunt your dreams. And trust me, you don’t want that. Once you let Acadia in, he’s like Freddy. He won’t stop pestering you until he kills you.

Last but not least, keep an eye out for some special edition DT posts to celebrate one of my favorite holidays…Halloween.

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