I remember a while back that people were reviewing the trailer for this movie, and then I did it too, cause wtf.  I can jump on bandwagons as easy as anyone else.  But then I was in the video store and saw the movie I had been talking about.  It was a straight to DVD deal called Trick ‘R Treat.  It has Anna Paquin in it (for you True Blood fans) and is generally a pretty decent horror movie.  The stories intertwine and the whole deal takes place in this town that apparently takes Halloween REALLY seriously.

If you are interested in super gore horror porn, this is not for you.  There are some somewhat graphic scenes and some truly wonderful vomiting, but it is not Hostel or Saw or anything like that.  But it also isn’t anything for kids.  Well, unless they are the kind of kids who don’t mind some murdering.  The stories are clever and the little dude up there in the picture was pretty cool.  Learn some more after the jump.

  • Halloween School Bus Massacre really is a good name for a massacre.Trick 'r Treat
  • Anna Paquin looks damn good in a red hood.
  • When will Hollywood figure out how to deal with puking?  Everyone always does the whole (side view hose) or (front view what you can hold in your mouth).  There has to be some kind of way they can do full on frontal hurling.
  • If you lived in a town that lined streets covered with falling leaves with lit pumpkins, would you consider it it awesome, irresponsible or both?  I say both!
  • Isn’t it cooler to invent a monster than stick with a traditional one?  That little dude up there is pretty bad ass, no?  Too bad he took off the mask.  Definitely not as cool without the mask.
  • I watched some other movies this weekend cause I felt like crap the whole time, and this was the best one.  That includes the second Transformers.  But not the first Transformers, which is BAD ASS.
  • I could not get this on Red Box.  Seems dumb that a direct to DVD would not be in Red Box.  I love Red Box.
  • If I could make horror movies for a living, I would totally have a person whose job it would be to follow me around and shout out things that could be haunted.  Like: Mailbox!  Then I would totally make a horror movie about a haunted mailbox.
  • My Haunted Mailbox movie is better than Trick ‘R Treat.
  • Stay tuned for more info on Haunted Mailbox…
  • Shut up.