Elijah Wood is a grown man who sort of looks like a kid which gives him more credibility in my eyes when he says that Hollywood has lots of pedos in it.  In an interview with a site that wanted me to pay money to see the whole article so eff that see the synopsis here Wood says:

“There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind.” He says victims who attempt to speak out have been “squashed” and have had their lives “irreparably damaged.”


This is what you’ll get, pedos!

I do not doubt this for one second but it does raise some questions for me about how this weird convergence occurs.

  1. Are people in the movie industry more likely to be pedos?
  2. Do pedos worm their way into the industry so they can have a lot of kids to molest?
  3. Are they so rich and bored that regular stuff doesn’t do it for them so they need to up the ante?

I am gonna assume it is #3 because #1 makes no sense and if #2 is true than every non-pedo who doesn’t become a big Hollywood producer is apparently just lazy.  And if they want to root them out they should tell the special kissing movie industry to get to work on it.  Adults who make those kinds of films think of pedos like people in jail do and since they are often unfairly lumped in with pedos.

This gives me an idea for a topic for the podcast so I will get to work on that.  And it also made me realize that while it might be gross and pervy when people talk about how they are “waiting” for an actor to turn 18 (like they did with Hermione) in reality these people are the (sort of) good guys because they at least waited.