eliza_dushku-banner-21 I haven’t a clue who she is but, since I got close to 2,000 pictures of her, I thought I ought to find out.  Wiki tells me she is from the Boston area, raised Mormon, was on a bunch of TV shows and in movies I have never seen.  This is off to a rousing start!  I know Acadia, the drooling fanboy, likes her because she was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  And I know that because he brings that show up every half hour.

Her new project is Dollhouse; I attempted some research and it makes no sense to me.  She is a different person every day and is programmed or some shit.  I dunno.  A robot under hypnosis?  I guess she wants to stay in the weirdo sci-fi genre.  Based on the cult following Buffy got, I suppose this is a good decision.  The same guy who did Buffy is doing Dollhouse so I guess it’s a good relationship.  But, even though I get FOX (this sounds like a cable show but isn’t), I don’t imagine I will be watching her any time soon.

Eliza Dushku

(Acadia’s Note  – I am NOT a drooling fan boy.  I just happen to think that Buffy was a good show and Faith was a good character.  It isn’t like I subscribe to Buffy message boards.  Or go to conventions dressed like The Master.  Or write a bunch of Buffy fan fiction where Willow tries to teach Buffy how to be a lesbian and then Faith comes in and they all try to learn together and then….

Never mind.  I’ve said too much already.)