Last Monday, the fall season begin and I found myself stuck having to choose between watching Prison Break, Heroes, or CSI: Miami.  After much thought, I decided on Heroes (David Caruso is a good actor but can he manipulate electricity?)  Considering how CSI ended last season, I was reminded about the launch of ReplayTV & TiVo back in 1999. It seemed like a good idea…..but who would pay $150 for a “Digital VCR?”

You see, back then networks spread their programs throughout the week, giving viewers the opportunity to watch all the high profile shows.  The combination of “Friday Night Death Slot,” “Football Saturday,” and “Simpsons Sunday” created a fear of premiering expensive shows on these days, forcing networks to compress their schedules. Things got worse when cable began producing great shows like OZ, The Shield, & Mythbusters. This boobtube explosion spawned the massive popularity of BitTorrent which allows people to watch anything at any time; it’s perfect for cheapskates like me!

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