Everyone has a facebook page nowadays, whether it’s for looking up old friends and keeping up with current ones, finding past classmates you liked, or checking to see if the hot girl you hated in high school now looks like a cave beast. Whatever the reasons are, everyone has one. That popularity drove us good folks at The Gallery to create a Facebook Page, but now there is a bit of confusion and we need your help.

So, what the hell does a web blog do with a facebook page? We can’t utilize the find classmates function because Superficial Gallery was home schooled, and it isn’t a celebrity so it can’t have a fan page. I’m thinking the first step is to just amass as many friends as possible. So if you have a page, request us! Now there needs to be something for people to look at once they get there.


1. Create Gallery groups for the more popular celebrities in the celeb pics section.

2. Add a bunch of awful Apps.

3. Add beefcake photos of Acadia, jethro, and Hotspur (ladies love writers, right?).

4. *Insert your amazing ideas here*