Gabrielle Anwar & Jeffrey Donovan

Gabrielle Anwar & Jeffrey Donovan

Bruce f’n Campbell:
Although he is a sidekick, the main character would have died ten+ times without him. Witty remarks and willingness to take a punch (and give one) make him one of the best sidekicks ever on a television show.

Gabrielle Anwar :
She brings the muscle to the show (verbally & fiscally) and always knows where to get a gun and stick of dynamite.  She plays Michael’s off and on love interest and most trusted friend.  In real life, Gabrielle is literally a MILF.

The Scenery:
It is shot on-location in Florida (one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to); they feature fast cars of all makes; sexy women of all races and hoodlums of all stereotypes.

Every episode stuff blows up:
They don’t leave anything out of the explosions:  cars, houses, boats, cell phones and heads.  Most of the action on Burn Notice is subtle and unexpected with a nice balance of dialogue and explosions.

Thursdays @ 10:00 pm on USA

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