TINY banner pics courtesy of Amanda Warren Who expressed proper disgust at being turned on by watching a dead girl dance.

This week’s song is sung by the late Aaliyah.  Back in the early 2000’s she died mysteriously.  Some say she was kidnapped by an exotic sultan.  Others assume she was the victim of a rare ailment.  It’s a shame, too.  This is a good song.  I mean, I guess technically it would be a shame that she died even if she wasn’t hot and a good singer and dancer.  Or maybe it wouldn’t.  I’m no philosopher.  But I am awesome at picking songs and talking about mysteries.

If anyone has any information related to the confounding death of this nice girl, please notify the authorities.  Or, if you are callous and can’t be bothered, just appreciate how great the song is (listen to the words and ignore the creepy baby part) and watch her be hot.  Callous.