crystal waters

I swear to god if you Google Image Search for Crystal Waters this comes up. No YOU’RE a pervert.

I am sitting in an empty cubicle in my brother’s office, waiting for him to be done with work.  I was in NYC this morning and needed to get to Portland, Maine this afternoon.  Mission accomplished.  And one would think I would be particularly inspired since this is where I actually spent the Nineties.

But nope.  Drawing a complete blank.  I remember the beginning of the decade and the end.  Middle is sort of a blur.  All the good anecdotes that make me seem cool I remember vividly.  The rest of them not so much.  Not like I was a serial killer (ugh, too lazy) but having to get up and WALK to the VCR to put in a porn was so….primitive.

So since I am super tired and it is now seven hours after I started writing this, let’s just say one thing led to another and I present to you: 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters.

Whoo!  I really tied that together….