I have been holding off doing this song for a long time because I don’t like using versions of videos that aren’t original.  But, as a weird testament to the white dude, I cannot find a studio made version of My Name Is with the original lyrics in it.  Even the “explicit” version online (embedded below) is edited.  Pretty much everything he has ever said needs to be edited.  But he hasn’t lost a step (IMO).  It is 15 years since Slim Shady arrived and his body of work stands up.  Think about how many acts from the 90s you can say that about.

Oh, and I am including the real lyrics version of the song first even though it is not the real video.  In fact, it is not even the real music.  It is a mashup with AC-DC and I guarantee if you don’t already have this mp3 you will want it by the time you are done listening.  Then the doctored “uncensored” version.  Then, just for fun, I am including “Rap God” because it is awesome.  And honestly I don’t know which of his songs I like the best.  Thoughts?

Here is the “Dirty” version.  But I admit the video itself is pretty good.

Rap God!