A few things.

  1. Since the song is Killing Me Softly I used the poster from some Heather Graham movie called Killing Me Softly.  I assume she is naked in it.  I am not sure if there is anything she’s in that she isn’t naked.  I’m not complaining.  I guess maybe she could have thrown something on when she was on Sesame Street but what do I know.
  2. I don’t understand why the Fugees would be all racist and make a video featuring black people talking loudly in a movie theater.
  3. How did they come to the conclusion that Wyclef should just count every once in a while?  I could have done that.  They could have had a frigging contest to get someone to do it.  That would have ruled.
  4. For a few years I lived in apartment that was kind of also a flophouse.  If someone had nowhere else to go, they ended up with my roommate and me.  Once it was a dude from Serbia who didn’t have any front teeth.  I mean, it wasn’t like he was a bum or anything.  He worked where we worked but he was also Serbian and didn’t have any teeth.  Maybe he was Bosnian?  I think he was whoever was the bad guys.  Anyway, one time he just randomly came out of his room and asked me (in a sort of Dracula accent): “Do you like Fugees?”  Which was better than the time he asked me: “Do you enjoy erotic literature?”  That still kind of weirds me out.  Who would ask that?   In that way?  Jeez.  Now that I think about it…what was my answer?